Your Tree and Yard Specialists in Clayfield

Living in Clayfield is convenient, with proximity to public transport, the CBD and the airport, so it’s no surprise that many people who live here have a busy lifestyle. Whether you have a nice garden to relax in when you get the chance, or you own property here and want to ensure it looks well-kept, you probably don’t have much time to invest in it.

There are also a few tasks you might not have the tools or training for, so you shouldn’t risk doing them yourself. For issues like these, it’s time to call in some trustworthy, affordable experts.

Why you can trust Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists

Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists have been restoring health, functionality, and beauty to Brisbane yards for over 15 years. We are family owned, and all of our growth is thanks to the glowing referrals of happy clients, so we value customer satisfaction above all else. This shows in our work – we arrive when we say we will, clean up after ourselves, and never leave a site until you’re 100% happy.

With upfront communication, we will always talk you through every step of the process, while being completely transparent about the costs involved. And because we truly love nature, we respect your yard, using eco-friendly methods to make sure the rest of your garden is not disrupted.

Our range of services

Among our main areas of focus are hedging, stump grinding, tree lopping, and tree removal.

Well-tended hedges can change the whole look and feel of a garden, so if they’re overgrown, or the hedges you rely on for privacy are dying, we can help. There are many reasons for stump removal and tree lopping too, including regrowth in the case of stumps, and debris falling into neighbours’ yards from untended trees. If a tree looks like it may fall, it could be dangerous and will need removing. We also offer 24/7 emergency removal in urgent cases.

But whatever your troubles with your yard, we have the experience to guide you, so call today for your obligation free quote on 0420 453 326.