Specialist Tree & Yard Services Gailes

Whether you are new to the gardening world or a seasoned gardener you likely know just how temperamental trees and plants can be. Trimming back a tree usually goes one of two ways. Prune your tree the right amount and you’ll encourage new healthy growth. Get a bit carried away with the shears, trim too much off, and it’ll probably wither and die. Tending to a hedge to get it to grow in a “privacy screen” can take many months, potentially even years depending on the type. You don’t have to spend countless hours and weekends working away in your yard. Leave all the hard work to us here at Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists.


Our experts have the training and real-life experience to know exactly what you yard requires, with more than 15 years of tending to Gailes residents’ yards. Whether you’re needing to get an untamed jungle back to a presentable level or need to clear an old tree stump that’s taking up space in the yard, we can take care of it. We complete all jobs to a high standard, no matter how big or small.

When you hire Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists, there’s no mess and no fuss – we take care of it all. Any excess tree branches, clippings, or other debris, we take offsite to be mulched. All that’s left for you to do is come home and enjoy your spotless, tidy yard.

The quality of our work is evident in our many happy clients in Gailes and throughout Brisbane. We have so many fantastic reviews and much of the work we receive is referral based. How do we have so many satisfied clients you may ask? Communication! With each job, we start off by having a chat with our clients, clearly outlining what needs to be done and the desired outcome. This way, it is clear for us what needs to be achieved and we complete the work with these objectives in mind. We also take our customer feedback seriously. If you’re not 100% happy with a job we’ve done, we won’t leave until you are.

Another standard that we pride ourselves on is our pricing. We want our tree and yard services to be available to as many Gailes residents as possible. That’s why we keep our rates at a competitive price.

If you’re in the Gailes area, kick back, relax, and enjoy your weekends by letting Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists take care of the yard work. Give our friendly team a call today and ask about getting a free quote.