If you have a tree on your property which has become a nuisance or threat, it might be time to take the extra step and find out what can be done about it. Due to the rules and regulations involved, as well as personal and property risks, the process of removing a tree can sometimes get complicated, so it’s important to find professionals who have plenty of experience.

Here at Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists, we have over 15 years under our belts when it comes to the ins and outs of tree removal. Whether you’d like one gone, or are concerned about safety, we can offer expert advice.

Reasons to remove a tree

In the case of approved extensions or other building developments, it’s often inevitable that trees in the area will need to go, but sometimes it’s the health of a tree that determines whether it should be removed. Termites pose a risk to nearby dwellings, but will also kill the infested tree, and it’s best to remove a dead tree for many reasons. Even trees with dead branches, or a history of dropping branches, should be assessed for removal, as they may cause personal injuries or structural damage to homes.

We also offer an emergency tree removal service, available 24/7, as trees felled by storms can create dangerous hazards that must be dealt with immediately.

The rules and regulations

Regardless of any issues involved, the question of whether you’ll be permitted to remove a tree is not always straight forward. Consulting with qualified experts is often necessary, both to avoid any government fines, and to prevent any physical harm that could come from DIY attempts.

Thankfully, Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists will handle all the rules and regulations for you. In fact, our insured and highly-skilled professionals will handle all aspects of the procedure, from the initial assessment to the final clean up, with great care taken for all surrounding buildings and environment. So, if you’d like stress-free removal at a competitive price, contact us today on 0420 453 326.