Not only does an old tree stump look unsightly and take up extra space in the yard but it can also turn into a hazard for your home. Tree stumps are paradise for a variety of insects, including every homeowner’s nightmare, termites. Removing that pesky old tree stump can not only improve the look and usability of your yard but it the long run it may help to better protect your home against unwanted pests. Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists can help with the removal of any tree stump, no matter how big or small.

When compared to other stump removal methods, stump grinding which is the removal service we provide, is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of stump removal. There are no chemicals used in the process which means no damage to surrounding plants, grass, gardens, or wildlife. This is also fantastic if you’re planning to replant in the area as plants can immediately be put in place again thanks to no chemicals being used. If you don’t want anything there, it’s you’re your best option as stump grinding also completely removes the tree ball root. This means there is no risk of the tree resprouting like there is with other methods.

Ensuring that the tree ball root is completely removed is also important if you’re planning to do any building work or renovations in the area. Otherwise, if some is left behind, as can be the case with other methods, it can regrow and undermine the foundation or grow into plumbing and cause a big headache down the line.

For efficient and effective stump removal done by experts, contact Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists today for a free quote.