Tree lopping can be a messy and difficult task that should only be undertaken by fully trained and qualified professionals. You need a professional that can properly evaluate the tree and find the best solution for your desired results. The last thing you want to do is cause injury to yourself, others, your own or others property by trying to attempt tree lopping yourself.

We here at Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists have 15 years of experience in tree lopping. You can trust us to trim any tree safely and effectively – no tree is too big or too small!

Our tree lopping services include:

  • Thinning
  • Crown trimming
  • Directions pruning
  • Fence line trimming

Another risk posed by improper tree lopping is creating an imbalance in the tree. This can create a safety risk, as imbalance will mean the tree has a higher chance of falling in weather events such as storms and strong winds.

Improper tree lopping can also impact on the health of your tree. In bad cases, it can mean the end of your beautiful tree or hedge that you may have spent years nurturing and growing.

We take care of all the mess and clean up when we are done. We will take larger branches, mulch them, and remove them, leaving your garden pristine. We work with you, listening to your wants and needs, to achieve the aesthetics that you’re after.

If you need professional tree lopping services, get in contact with Brisbane Tree and Yard Specialists today and enquire about an obligation free quote.